Twenty seven different ingredients, carefully selected for their bio-active effect, on their own and synergistic with each other, have been chosen to become all together the most effective – doping free – powerful Performance Booster in sports today.

The target of ErgoSpeed is to give the athlete everything he needs in order to succeed to improve, to maximize his performance. How does ErgoSpeed do this? Well, each and every ingredient of the formula is acting, supporting, enhancing the way the body is functioning to produce energy and to perform in the highest level. This is why we call it a Performance Booster and a Power Accelerator Energy Drink!

As a first step, the R&D team have carefully and scientifically designed to support the energy demand by first of all adding a prolonged energy source, Palatinose™, a healthy functional carbohydrate with the generic name Isomaltulose. It is derived from sucrose and has a very mild natural taste. Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) is the only low glycemic carbohydrate with prolonged energy supply in form of glucose.

Hydrolysis and absorption in the body is complete but much slower compared to sucrose and other sugars. The benefits and why we have chosen this carbohydrate as the base energy source is obvious as:

  • It leads to a low glycemic and low insulinemic response
  • Blood glucose level does NOT fall below baseline and therefore does NOT show a hypoglycemic undershoot common with regular sugars, in simple words…you will never feel any crash down any moment in your training or competition.
  • Energy in the form of glucose appears in the blood more slowly and with an extended duration reflected by a lower but longer curve than that of sucrose
  • Provides the same caloric value as sugars like sucrose or glucose

The next idea behind the functionality of ErgoSpeed was to add different ingredients in order to stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS) and in this way to give the support for a more Powerful Energy Boost. Our choice was for a popular (lately) herb known as Citrus Aurantium and its active compound Synephrine, a protoalkaloid compound and trace amine that can be also endogenously produced in the human body, or can be found in high levels in the bitter orange. Chemically speaking, Synephrine is similar to the pseudo-ephedrine and ephedrine compounds. It stimulate the metabolism in your body without the negative cardiovascular side effects that are experienced by at least some people that take ephedra. This is through its stimulation through specific adrenergic receptors, including beta-3 (not 1 or 2). Scientific studies also show that Synephrine can increase lipolysis, having a fat burning effect. The stimulant effect of Synephrine is further increased by the presence and synercisticall effect from Caffeine, an  alkaloid that stimulates also the central nervous system. Well known for its benefits in releasing energy, and enhance endurance. Caffeine also helps burn fat and accelerates weight loss.

ergospeedbottleWith adequate and prolonged energy supply and a stimulated CNS, the body has the ability to perform for longer time in a higher intensity. This will cause additional needs in the different stages of energy production, as well as to find ways to delay the signs of fatigue which might occur earlier, among them lactic acid.  

One of the first demands will become the need to have a more sufficient circulatory system in order to transport more oxygen and nutrients faster to the muscles. Increased Nitric Oxide production is beneficial at this point and of course ErgoSpeed™ support this as well.  One of the ingredients to support this is the organic compound Citrulline, which is an amino acid.

Citrulline is used for diabetes, fatigue, muscle weakness, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, sickle cell disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and improving athletic performance by enhancing plasma Arginine levels. It will immediately begin to work on clearing endotoxins from the body, promoting energy, and stimulating the immune system.

More benefits from Citrulline are:

  • Increased Nitric Oxide Production. Nitric oxide is involved in glucose uptake, regulating blood flow, oxygen delivery, and muscle growth. Plasma Arginine levels seem to be increased more by taking Citrulline than the amino acid Arginine itself (for increasing NO).
  • Reduces Lactic Acid and Ammonia which are acid byproducts of protein metabolism. Researchers also suggest that it may also help the lactic acid burn as well. Examples show Citrulline Malate to have a protective effect against acidosis and ammonia poisoning.
  • Increases ATP and phosphocreatine recovery after exercise.

Citrulline malate might also be beneficial in maintaining muscle strength and preventing muscle breakdown. According to results of an animal study published in 2009 in the “European Journal of Pharmacology,” administration of Citrulline malate limited skeletal muscle breakdown in the presence of a bacterial toxin. It can help decrease ammonia as we touched upon earlier. It is a small component of the urea cycle which helps use to convert ammonia to your urea. Believe it or not this is also responsible for exercise by inhibiting exercising at high intensities (not only for weight training but endurance athletes). More profound are those that are focusing on going to hypertrophy or reps that are over the 6-8 rep range. Along with this lactate levels from prolonged training can also be reduced given Citrulline dosage. Since the bodies main pathway that utilized extracting energy from carbs (Malate) will help provide excess malate which in the end will reduce lactate levels during training for endurance or weightlifting and decrease overall ammonia levels. 


High energy production cause excessive demands for additional ingredients such as Creatine. In ErgoSpeed™ we have added two different forms of Creatine. Monohydrate and Ethyl Esther. 

There is scientific evidence that short term Creatine Monohydrate use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (periods of work and rest) by 5 to 15%. This is mainly bouts of running/cycling sprints and multiple sets of low RM weightlifting. Single effort work shows an increase of 1 to 5%. This refers mainly to single sprints and single lifting of 1-2RM weights. Ingesting creatine can increase the level of phosphocreatine in the muscles up to 20%. Since body mass gains of about 1 kg can occur in a week’s time, many studies suggest that the gain is simply due to greater water retention inside the muscle cells. Other studies, however, have shown that creatine increases the activity of satellite cells, which make muscle hypertrophy possible. Creatine MOnohydrate supplementation appears to increase the number of myonuclei that satellite cells will ‘donate’ to damaged muscle fibers, which increases the potential for growth of those fibers. 

Creatine Monohydrate has also a significant influence on the Endocrine system, as studies have shown, by decrease in Myostatin levels and increase of Dihydrotestosterone, Testosterone and muscle insulin – Insulin Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

Further Creatine Monohydrate increases muscle cell volume by increasing water, increases muscle stores of creatine for short term energy and it increases glycogen re-synthesis. It also helps to lengthen the life of cells and tissues and also protects them from any injury or harm. 

In addition, Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) is a more effective variant of the popular dietary supplement Creatine Monohydrate. As the Creatine Monohydrate has been attached to an ester salt it is generally easier for the body to absorb it when combined to alternative sources. The benefits from Creatine Ethyl Ester are additional and provide a quick boost of ATP to the working muscles which in turn facilitates improvements in lean mass, strength and power. 

Another key ingredient of ErgoSpeed is Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus). Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian Ginseng or simply Eleuthero) is an adaptogenic herb that may be able to increase work capacity during strenuous aerobic activity alongside other anti-stress and possible immunity boosting effects. Modern research has shown that these herbs improve the body’s capacity to cope with stress, so they have become popular remedies for enhancing mental function and physical performance during times of overwork, fatigue, exhaustion or convalescence.

ergospeedbottleTaurine could not be missed to be present. Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is manufactured in the body from the amino’s methionine and cysteine. It helps regulate the nervous system and the muscles, and plays an important part in keeping the brain and heart healthy.

Taurine helps move potassium, magnesium, and sodium, three nutrients that are key to brain and heart function, into the cell membranes. Taurine is known to provide support for neurotransmitters and to have a protective effect on the brain. Some studies have shown that taking L-taurine supplements can help strengthen the heart muscles, and thus regulate blood pressure and prevent heart failure and arrhythmias.

Because Taurine plays such an important role in muscle maintenance, it’s deficiency leads to a decrease in nitric oxide production, which in turn causes a decrease in blood (and oxygen) flow to the muscles. Taurine is also important to the body’s metabolism of fats. It is a key component of bile, and is needed to help absorb fat-soluble vitamins and regulate serum cholesterol levels, and at least one study has linked taurine to the regulation of insulin in the body as well. 

Two more important ingredients in the mix of ErgoSpeed are L-Glutamine and Arginine in three different forms.

Glutamine is an amino acid that helps build and maintain the muscles of the body. It also helps remove toxic ammonia from the liver and helps maintain a healthy central nervous system.

Glutamine easily passes through the blood-brain barrier, a protective barrier formed by the red blood cells and the glia of the brain that protects the brain from any toxins, bacteria, and viruses, etc., that are circulating through the bloodstream. Inside the brain glutamine may be converted into Glutamic acid, another amino acid that helps sustain proper brain function; it also increases levels of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in the body. L-Glutamine supplements may improve mental function and have been used to treat epilepsy, depression, schizophrenia, and senility. Glutamine is also an important source of energy for the nervous system. If the brain is not receiving enough glucose, it compensates by increasing glutamine metabolism for energy.

Glutamine users often report more energy, less fatigue and better mood.

Glutamine promotes a healthy digestive tract by helping to balance acid/alkaline levels in the body. Glutamine helps remove toxic ammonia from the liver, excess nitrogen in the liver attaches itself to Glutamic acid to form glutamine rather than being converted into ammonia.

Glutamine helps transport nitrogen to other parts of the body as well, the muscles in particular. By regulating levels of nitrogen and helping to replenish glycogen supplies in the muscles, glutamine helps prevent the muscle breakdown during particularly strenuous workouts. Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in both blood and muscle tissue; up to 60 percent of the amino acid content in skeletal muscle tissue is glutamine. 


Glutamine promotes normal cell division throughout the body. It is key to the development of DNA and RNA, and to the formation of cells that function as part of the immune system, such as thymocytes, lymphocytes, and macrophages. Without sufficient glutamine, the immune system would cease to function. For this reason glutamine is sometimes recommended for people who suffer from diseases linked to a malfunctioning immune system, such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, scleroderma, and AIDS. 

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, or AAKG, is a combination of the amino acid arginine with an alpha-ketogluterate molecule attached. Arginine is an amino acid used extensively in the body for nitric oxide production and urea synthesis (do you remember we talked about the extra needs of the body to transport faster and in bigger amounts oxygen and nutrients to the muscles?). Alpha-ketoglutarate is a molecule that is said to help bind to ammonia in the body, reducing its detrimental effects. AAKG appears also to help speed wound healing. AAKG is a precursor to the substances ornithine, proline and hydroxyproline. These three substances are all involved in the production of the protein collagen, the main component of your skin. 

Arginine Ethyl Ester Dihydrochloride is the second form of Arginine to be found in ErgoSpeed™. This Arginine form is an Arginine amino acid with an ester attached. esters are organic compounds that are formed by esterification – the reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohols. Arginine ethyl ester can not be obtained via dietary means and must be obtained via supplementation. 

Arginine Ethyl Ester Dihydrocloride is a new kind of Arginine. This ingredients is, technically, an Arginine derivative, so the ergogenic effects will be similar to those of regular l-Arginine, but the presence of an ester will make the ergogenic effects of Arginine ethyl ester more pronounced. Muscle growth and cellular function are all positively impacted by L-Arginine, and currently accepted models of Arginine metabolism suggest that these processes may be positively impacted by Arginine ethyl ester to a greater degree.

The presence of the ester not only enhances the function of Arginine and overcomes its inherent limitations, but the presence of an ester and increased absorption also reduce the need for large doses, which may put less stress on the body. The presence of an ester may also prolong the generation of nitric oxide and extend the benefits of Arginine over a greater time period. this may result in greater endurance, enhanced pumps, and quicker recovery from exercise.

L-Arginine, which is also present, is considered a semi-essential amino acid because, although the body manufactures its own supply, there are times when dietary supplementation may be required, such as in the case of severe wounds or illness. In addition, newborns are not able to make their own supply of this substance, so Arginine is considered essential in the first months of life.

ergospeed_bottleArginine or L-Arginine is popular for its amazing nitrogen retention ability. Nitrogen as you are all aware is one of the key elements in muscle protein synthesis. Some plants can absorb nitrogen, but we mammals have to make do with the stuff we make ourselves. Arginine is mostly present in protanines and histones, two proteins commonly associated with nucleic acids (like DNA and RNA). This Amino Acid is also needed to keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy.

Arginine helps strengthen the body’s immune system, regulates hormones and blood sugar, and promotes male fertility. In addition, research has shown that this amino acid may improve circulation and treat impotence and heart disease.

Further it helps detoxify the liver by neutralizing the effects of ammonia and other toxic substances in the body. It is required for the generation of urea, which is needed for removal of toxic ammonia from the body during urination.

Large concentrations of Arginine are found in the skin, and this amino acid plays a key role in the health of all the body’s connective tissues, particularly the muscles. Arginine helps the body process both creatine, a natural substance that helps build muscle mass, and nitrogen, a chemical needed for muscle metabolism. Laboratory research suggests that Arginine may help reduce body fat and speed up weight loss.

Arginine has also been shown to help heal and repair damaged tissues, and thus may be beneficial to both athletes and those suffering from arthritis.

Arginine is involved in a variety of hormonal processes in the body. It stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, is used to make the pituitary hormone vasopressin, and regulates the production of growth hormone. In fact, the FDA has approved the use of intravenous Arginine to evaluate those with suspected growth hormone deficiency.

The body needs Arginine to produce nitric oxide, a chemical that causes blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation). Preliminary studies (good to know) indicate that Arginine may be useful in the treatment of angina, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, intermittent claudication, erectile dysfunction, female impotence, migraine, and other conditions that are linked to reduced blood flow throughout the body.

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